welcome to wellspring!

We love a good story, and we bet yours is a good one we would love to hear! Our story goes like this: 

since 2006, we’ve been on a mission of, “Creating a new normal for the next generation.” We believe

that God is in the process of redeeming every broken story in the history of the world. Everyone can be

loved, healed, transformed and redeemed into the new normal that is the family of God. Guided by

this idea, Wellspring has four focus areas that inspire us and guide our ministries, staff and resources:

Our neighborhood. The vulnerable. Young adults. Discipleship.

At Wellspring, these are the main ways to get involved, serve, make meaningful connections with others, 

give financially and grow spiritually. Our church is less about what happens inside the building on Sunday

mornings and more about how our Wellspring family engages with one another and our community

outside the building on a daily basis. Are you curious about how Wellspring might be a part of your story?

Read on.