“Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom,

and healing every disease and sickness among the people.” (Matthew 4:23 NIV)


We desire to emulate our Savior by teaching the good news of the Kingdom to every man, woman, and child at Wellspring, and helping move them towards healing, wholeness and spiritual maturity. We know that most people who come through our doors have suffered wounds in their lives; and often their emotional scars keep them stuck in damaging patterns of thinking and living that continue to be harmful to themselves and others.

We believe God wants us to be healed, freed from our pasts, and transformed into joyful, courageous, loving, wise people filled with the kind of peace and hope that aren’t dictated by life’s circumstances. We want our children to grow up with a new normal for their lives, a normal that is rooted in the Kingdom life preached by Jesus.


We know all this is possible because many of us have experienced this healing for ourselves. We are also convinced that all this is most likely to happen when people are willing to engage in honest, vulnerable, gracious community. This preaching, teaching and healing ministry is called discipleship, and we have many ways for you to experience discipleship at Wellspring: Small groups, Women at the Well, Men’s Encounter, and serving on one of the various teams it takes to offer our Sunday service each week.

small groups

We desire for everyone at Wellspring to be connected and living in community with other believers. A great way to do this is through joining one of our small groups. Below you will find many of our small groups that are open to anyone to join at any time. Please be aware that many groups tend to take time off from meeting over the summer and at the end of the year to rest and spend time with family. If you're looking to get connected with a particular small group, please contact the small group leader listed for each group below. They will give you info on the group, such as meeting time, location, age demographic, etc. If you have any other questions, contact our Small Group Director, Justin Amos


current Small GRoups

Women's Book Discussion: This summer, women are invited to participate in a two-part book discussion. Ten Words To Live By helps walk us through how the 10 Commandments impact our lives today. You can find additional information and register HERE. There are a limited number of books available for $9. Contact Ashley (info on the registration page) if you'd like one. 

Women's Thursday Study: Join us for a 9-week summer study of the Sermon on the Mount. This Thursday evening study is a great way to dig into the Word with other women. Find details and sign up HERE

Women's Monday Study: All Wellspring women are invited to participate in this study that meets every Monday evening. We are currently studying the book of Matthew. For more info on this group, please contact Shelly Fox

Women's Thursday Study: All Wellspring women are invited to attend this Bible study that meets every other Thursday night. For more info on this group, please contact Mackenzie Norton @ 816.351.0185. 

Women's Sunday Study: All Wellspring women are invited to attend this Bible study that meets twice a month on Sunday afternoon. For more info on this group, please contact Betsy Wall @ 816.261.4730. 

Women's Sunday Study: All Wellspring women ages 18-25 are invited to attend this study that meets every other Sunday night. For more info on this group, please contact Sara Amos @ 816.255.7211. 

Men's Tuesday Study: All Wellspring men are invited to attend this study that meets every other Tuesday evening. This group focuses on diving into God's presence through Scripture, prayer and confession. For more info on this group, please contact Read Wall @ 816.258.4356 or TJ Peacher @ 816.341.3680. 

Men's Recovery Group: All Wellspring men are invited to attend this study that meets every Saturday morning. This group focuses on experiencing the freedom that Christ offers us from sexual addiction so that we can better find our joy and fulfillment in him. For more info on this group, please contact Matt Robertson @ 816.244.4440. 

Mind of Christ Support Group: This group meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 7:30-9:00pm at Wellspring. It is open to any Wellspring member wanting to better live out the mind of Christ. This is a great group for those of us that struggle with intrusive thoughts, anxiety and depression. Please be aware that we are not medical professionals. HERE is a link to the Mind of Christ curriculum. For more info on this group, please contact Justin Amos.

All In Foster & Adoption Community Group: This group meets on the first Sunday of every month from 6:00-7:30pm at Wellspring. It is open to any foster and/or adoptive parents who desire community with others in an environment where they can share their struggles and celebrations as it pertains to parenting children from hard places. For more info on this group, please contact Marissa Purvis @ 816.752. 1855. 

Young Life College: All college-age students are welcome to join Young Life College on Sunday nights for hang out, games and Bible study. In addition to the Sunday evening gathering, any college-age student is welcome to join them for a more in-depth Bible study on Thursday nights. For more info on both gatherings, please email Karen Hinde

Guys Nights: All Wellspring men are invited to attend these fun nights that take place monthly/bi-monthly, depending on the time of year. Come hang out and get connected! Please contact Brady Purvis and let him know if you'd like to be included on the guys nights email list. 

    women at the well

    Women at the Well provides women of all ages at Wellspring opportunities to spend time together in fun, casual settings to simply share life and build friendships. Meeting three to four times per year, gatherings include good food, games, and our annual Christmas Cookie Exchange.

    “But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life." (John 4:14-15)

    For more information, please contact Megan Koeteman

    Men's Encounter

    Do you recognize a need for change, or feel stuck or stagnate in your faith? Are you struggling with something that seems insurmountable or need a weekend to be encouraged and equipped? Then maybe you need to say yes to Encounter weekend. By saying yes, you are designating space in your life to encounter Jesus.

    This weekend is an opportunity to get away and meet with God to examine our relationships with Him and the responsibilities He's given us. We will focus on the powerful truth of the gospel and its profound implication on our lives. We will hear testimonies and teachings from the Bible, reflect on what it means to surrender every area of our lives to Jesus, and learn to walk in the freedom that He gives.


    To register, fill out Registration form linked above.

    Pre-register cost of Encounter is $95.

    Normal registration cost is $105. 

    *Pre-Encounter Meetings (you must come to ONE): This is for both those attending the weekend and for those yet to register who simply want to know more. Meeting options are TBA. 

    *Post-Encounter meetings are TBA as well. 

    volunteer opportunities

    Countless volunteers ensure our ministries and worship services are a success. A great deal goes into making a Sunday morning service possible, meaningful and compelling. Everything from music and a/v technology to childcare, prayer, hospitality, and clean, attractive facilities communicates the importance of the message we seek to proclaim. A Sunday morning service would not be possible without countless volunteers willing to offer their time and talents. Those who serve together on Sunday mornings are blessed by the friendships they make as they serve together.   


    If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you. This is a great way to get involved, make friends, and provide meaningful help at Wellspring. Our staff is always happy to meet with you to help discover how God could use your time and gifts to bless our community! We are so glad you are here! We truly want to get to know you. Wherever you are on your faith journey, there is place for you at Wellspring.