When: Monday, June 21st thru Wednesday, June 23rd. 

Where: Church, Guest House, Corner House

What: Opportunity to serve during Work Week! It will start each evening at 6pm and go until we can't work anymore. Looking for strong arms and backs.. Jobs include: moving heavy items, doing deep interior cleaning, cutting down bushes and limbs, and more. We are hoping to tackle the big jobs Monday and Tuesday. There is a sign up sheet in the back of the sanctuary.  Thank you in advance! Contact Rob with questions - 816.273.6808.


When: Monday, August 2nd thru Thursday, August 5th

Where: The Church

What: FUSE is our version of VBS at Wellspring, which includes Bible lessons, crafts, games, and dinner. It is for kids going into Kindergarten through kids going into 5th Grade. If you are a parent of a child wanting to attend, there's an online sign up form on the Wellspring website at SIGN UP>FUSE or click here. We are also in need of people to volunteer at FUSE! If you can help out (any amount of time helps!), you can sign up here or in the back of the sanctuary.  Contact Blayr with questions at 816.344.0759