summer internship 2.0

Summer Internship 2.0 is for returning interns and will run during the same time as the first year internship. This is an opportunity for second year interns to go even deeper in their faith and to be invested in more in order that they would be better equipped to impact the world for Christ. We also offer a Mission Track 2.0 Internship for interns that have already completed the first year mission track and would like to go deeper. Click HERE for more info on the Mission Track 2.0! 

Click on the documents below to learn about our 2019 2.0 internship!

*Click here for an Overview of Internship 2.0

*Click here for the Internship 2.0 Application

*Click here to access the financial support letter (Support letters should be sent out by May 1st. The red font areas are for you to customize each letter. Feel free to personalize this letter while keeping the financial info the same! Also, remember that you will only be paid for the hours you work. Finally, it's strongly encouraged that you send thank you letters at the end of the summer to individuals that supported you!) 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Justin Amos!