events & weddings

Making the building available for events (weddings, meetings, etc.) other than church services is important to develop relationships. Through connections to Wellspring, we hope to provide for event needs in our local community. 

A wedding is a very important event in a person's life. Through our policies, procedures, and facilities, we hope we can help the wedding experience be the most that it can be. Our Wedding Coordinator, Sam Jones will be able to assist in planning.

In requesting usage of our facilities, we have a process to prevent double booked events so that we can ensure we are able to meet the needs of the event(s). 

We offer a range of possible technology supports to enhance your event through music, videos, pictures, etc. 

1. Wi-fi throughout the building

2. 2 Projectors hooked to an Apple Mac in our sanctuary with a sound system

3. Small Mobile projector options for other areas of the church

4.. Our program of choice for sanctuary media presentations is ProPresenter 5.  This programs works to integrate sound, video and pictures together.  We do have the capability of integrating other presentation forms such as Keynote or PowerPoint.

We suggest if you have technology questions or needs please contact our media team prior to your event in order to ensure everything works appropriately. 

To use our facility, fill out our request form and return to our church office. Once approved we will be in contact as well as notify our Facilities Director. Some fees may apply. We will add the event(s) to our community calendar. As needed, Wellspring Staff will contact those requesting the facility. Details can be obtained by contacting the church office. Here you will find: 

Building Use Request Form

Wedding Information Form

Wedding Policies and Prices